"Necessity is the mother of invention."


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The goal of brand strategy is to create business and value

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“Creativity is the natural extension of our enthusiasm”

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“Take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn't exist, create it”.

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A leading consulting firm specialized in Industrial and Intellectual Property

For over 20 years, our experts provided assistance to obtain, maintain, and legally defend patents, trademarks, designs, and copyrights in Italy and abroad. We offer our clients a wide range of personalized services and solutions, but our primary objective is to ensure high-quality services to small and medium-sized enterprises, establishing a direct relationship with great attention to individual realities and needs, with the collaboration of technical and legal consultants of proven expertise and professionalism.



Analysis of the client (business model, goals, potential, etc...) in order to interpret needs, define the best strategies and lines of action, and propose personalized solutions.


We take care of every client, from individuals to large companies. We establish a direct relationship with each client, where the difference in size does not determine a difference in importance, but certainly a different strategic approach to the methods of protecting and defending their rights.


The competence and experience of our team guarantees the highest level of service. In addition, we work in partnership with numerous external collaborators (translators, designers, graphics professionals, lawyers, financial consultants, labor consultants, foreign correspondents) carefully selected based on their skills, experience, reliability, and costs.


For every strategy and line of action we propose, we list without reservation both the immediate total costs and all foreseeable and hypothetical future costs because the client must be able to make a sustainable expense plan.